The "real" toronto indigenous fashion week

Why we launched

While Indigenous populations living in urban settings have access to many everyday necessities that are considered the norm, the same can't be said for Indigenous peoples living in isolated regions. Things like access to clean water, affordable housing, as well as many other social determinants continue to plague our communities in profound ways. While many think or have perhaps formed preconceived notions about our people who live in fly-in only communities; What most of Canada doesn't know however, is that in these very communities lies an abundance of talent and unheard of artists, designers and aspiring youth - many of which can hold their own in the modeling and fashion industry. The SDNR team launched the Toronto Indigenous Fashion Week - which was actually held in December 2017 in order to a) uplift Indigenous youth by providing them with their very own Fashion Week b) to provide entrepreneurship opportunities for Indigenous women in remote regions, and c) to revitalize our Fashion, Language, Artistic Creations and Traditional Values.  

Other Factors We Value

SDNR is committed to advancing artistic activities, reconciliation, and healing through cultural equity which affirms the traditions, aesthetics and expressions of all cultures including but not limited to Indigenous peoples, Newcomers, the LGBTQ2S communities, official language minority communities as well as those who identify as having hearing, mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical disabilities. Recognition and inclusion of these culturally diverse groups is therefore an incremental process that our team recognizes while planning, organizing and executing our arts-based activities, ceremonies, traditional workshops and fashion shows. Our projects also seek to add expressions from all cultures by creating safe spaces for marginalized groups that have distinguished differences from one another - yet share in the same systemic barriers which include historic realities of conquest, colonialism, cultural domination and systemic exclusion. Our teams dynamic make-up consists of multifaceted individuals from a wide array of backgrounds which enables us to take a multidimensional approach in all of the arts-based projects we work on. We not only draw upon our own lived and artistic experience from within OUR TEAM, we create, plan and implement strategies to advance projects by arts professionals from culturally diverse backgrounds to ensure they are able to participate in our events. 

What we Learned from our Toronto Indigenous Fashion Week 2019 Show

More about this coming soon!