Our Philosophy

Living Through Design


Fashion design brings art directly to your skin. It defines your image, provides clarification to the way you see yourself in the world. For Indigenous peoples, Fashion is a value that has long been oppressed, marginalized and even exploited. Through a direct multifaceted course of action, we are "Revitalizing" our Fashion, our Language, our Artistic Creation and our Traditional Values - one Project at a time!

Born from Experience


Our designs are inspired by a wide range of experiences. While these designs are engaged in contemporary conversations, they are also tied into the hope for a sustainable way of life.They pull from the aesthetics of the communities we engage with as well as from fashion's historic roots. 

Relationships First


Buying from independent Indigenous designers helps you create a closer relationship with the things you value - if reconciliation happens to be something you hold dear, then this is a perfect way to engage with us! Plus, you'll be contributing to the Indigenous economy while helping to advance a social need.